Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Homily for 2 May 2018

2 May 2018

The mass communications we have today can be a good thing.  Whether that’s tv or radio, the internet or social media, it’s helpful to know what’s going on out in the world.  Sometimes, however, it can be problem because everybody has a platform to say whatever they want—even if somebody is dead wrong about something.  And that’s where mass communication can be a problem.

How do you decipher the good arguments from the bad ones?  Which voices do you listen to, and which ones do you ignore?  Every time we engage the world of mass communications we have to ask those questions.  But when it comes to matters of faith we know who to listen more closely to.

In the Acts of the Apostles, there was a dispute about circumcision.  And without any hesitation, they said, “Let’s take this matter to the Apostles and the elders in Jerusalem.”  When it comes to matters of faith, we have a built in structure of authority in the Church.  And I don’t mean “authority” as in “power;” but rather “authority” as in “trusted groups of knowledgeable people.”  And they’ve been there from the beginning.  Those would be the bishops, and with them: theologians, philosophers, and poets.

We don’t have to think too much about who to turn to when we have questions of faith.  We turn to those people whom God has given us to be our guides.  May we give a little more weight to what they say.  And may they be strong in faith, so as to lead us into a deeper life of faith, too.

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