Thursday, May 17, 2018

Homily for 17 May 2018

17 May 2018
(School Mass)

This past weekend at Mass, we heard that “Jesus Christ loves you.”  It’s part of the gospel message.  And when you here that—“Jesus Christ loves you”—think of how a mom or dad might hold a little newborn baby in their arms.  They look at the little child and smile; they’re amazed at this little life they’ve created; they would do anything to keep that little child safe; they would do anything to make sure that child grows and becomes strong and healthy; they adore their little baby.

And that’s what we mean when we say that “Jesus Christ loves you.”  He holds us in his arms, and he looks and smiles at us; he adores us—after all, he made us.  And he would do anything to keep us safe (even die for us), and to keep us close to him.  That’s what Jesus’ love for us is like.

In the gospel today, Jesus prays to the Father: “Father, I want them to be me, I want them to be with us—us in them, them in us; I in them, them in me.”  Jesus wants very badly to be close to us…for our good; so that we can be raised up with him, so we can have a happier life even today.

Jesus is the closest and most committed Friend we have.  And that’s a reason to come to the Altar of God first thing today, and to say thank you.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all the ways you love us.  Thank you for being an unfailing Friend to each one of us. 

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