Friday, February 26, 2016

Homily for 26 Feb 2016

26 Feb 2016

The chief priests and the elders knew what was right and what wasn't.  Just like Joseph's brothers--they had a sense of what was good and what wasn't.  They'd called Joseph "their own flesh"--they knew he didn't deserve to be killed.  But they, and the chief priests and the elders . . . they didn't apply that sense of values to themselves.

And we are not those chief priests and elders and vengeful brothers.  But we do havesomething in common with them: like them, we have a sense of what's good and right within us--we are, after all, children of God, just like them.  But we also need to keep working on holding ourselves up to those standards of what we know is good and right and just.

None of us does that perfectly.  But what separates us from the chief priests and the elders and Joseph's brothers is that we're willing to admit and say, "Yes, I can do better.  I can be better."  Humility and an appreciation of the "marvels the Lord has done" for us sinners sets us apart.  We're imperfect . . . but we admit it.

Thanks be to God who shows us where we can improve.  And thanks be to God who loves us and the whole world, regardless.

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