Monday, February 22, 2016

Homily for 23 Feb 2016

23 Feb 2016

It’s a little word; one that’s easily forgotten about.  It’s the little word: us.  “Come now, let us set things right,” says the Lord.  The companionship of the Son of God is part of the “good news” that warms our hearts.  But, as our Teacher has said, only those humble enough to walk with him (and let him lead the way) will be raised up to a better place.  Only those humble enough to not go it alone.

Perhaps, the most important “work” we can do during Lent is to get humble and say: “Jesus, I need you.”  Jesus, my Teacher.  Jesus, my Companion, my Rock, my Pillow to rest my aching heart.  Jesus, I need you.  It takes courage; it takes strength and humility to be weak; to be dependent upon someone else.  But, as we know from St Paul, it’s when we are weak that we are strong.

When, in our weakness and humility, we can say, “Jesus, I need you,” then we won’t be alone.  Then we’ll hear the Lord say, “Come then, let us set things right.”  And that’s music to our ears: that little word—us.  It brings joy to the lonely, peace to the troubled, hope to the discouraged, and healing to the wounded.

Nobody wants to face life (or death) alone.  Life is meant to be shared; and we’re meant to raise each other up to a better place.  That little word, “us,” means everything.  And at the forefront of that life of love, mercy and fidelity is Jesus Christ.  He says, “Come, let us be on our way.”  And, like a trusting child, we hear him with a smile in our heart and say, “Thank you.  Show me the way, Lord.  I want to walk with you.”      

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