Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Homily for 6 Feb 2018

6 Feb 2018

“Hypocrites!”: it’s probably the worst thing Jesus called the Pharisees and scribes.  For people who prided themselves on fidelity to the law of God, “hypocrites” was the worst thing to be called.  But, of course, it was the truth.  They presented themselves as “the faithful;” and they were…but not necessarily to God.  That was the problem.  And they didn’t recognize it, which made the problem much worse.

The Christian life is characterized by many things, one of which is the interior freedom to “go with the flow” of the Holy Spirit; to make corrections in the course of life so we stay on track.  You know, if you’re driving your car and you start to drift to the left or the right, you don’t just keep drifting and go into the ditch; you make a correction.  And we do it without even thinking, really.  Well, we do the same in our lives as disciples of Christ.

If there’s a passage in Scripture, or something in a homily, or something that a bishop or pope or a friend says which makes you think: “Oh!...maybe I need to change something in my life,” it’s good to listen to that.  It’s good to act on that.  We hope that we’ll never hear Jesus call us a hypocrite, like he did the Pharisees.  But if he says some other truth that we need to hear, it’s good to listen and act on it—not in fear, but with thanks.

The Lord is our Navigator through life.  He’s our GPS who says, “Turn right, turn left.”  And it’s good to listen to him and to act.  He’ll get us to where we’re going, safe and sound.

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