Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Homily for 31 Jan 2018

31 Jan 2018

Our God is a personal God: he knows each of us by name, and that’s how he relates to us.  We aren’t just another sheep in the flock.  And that’s the gospel, the good news today.  God knows each of us personally...and we can know him personally.

This is maybe why the Lord was not happy when King David called for the census of the people.  David turned people into numbers; into faceless, nameless statistics.  And it was a similar problem in the gospel today: the people had their own ideas of who Jesus was, and they refused to accept him as the person he is. 

God created something very personal when he created the human race.  We aren’t statistics; we’re persons, with names and identities.  And our God isn’t a nameless God; he is Jesus, Yahweh, Emmanuel, “God-with-us.”  And this is all good news. 

When we’re tempted to feel alone, Jesus is there for the unfailing Friend he is.  When we pray, we pray from one heart to another—from ours to God’s.  And when we see others—in person, on the internet, in the paper—they are brothers and sisters (even if we forget it sometimes).

Our God is a personal God, and he created a personal world.  May we enjoy each other’s company, and remember to share our own self with others.  Especially, may we open our heart to God’s and know we are deeply, personally loved and adored.

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