Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Homily for 10 Nov 2016

10 Nov 2016
(School Mass)
Now, we just heard Jesus say that “the Kingdom of God is among us.”  The Kingdom of God is right here.  But I don’t see a castle.  I don’t see a king or a prince or a princess, or a queen.  Where are all the fancy clothes and the horses?  Jesus said the Kingdom of God is here . . . but I sure don’t see it.

But, wait a second . . . Jesus said “the Kingdom cannot be observed;” we can’t see the Kingdom of God.  Well, then, how do we know it’s here if we can’t see it?  Maybe the Kingdom of God is an invisible kingdom.  That could be.  After all, all the things in the Kingdom are kind of hard to see and touch.

For instance, happiness is a part of God’s Kingdom.  So are peace and forgiveness.  Friendship and love are part of God’s Kingdom, and so are beauty, and truth, and goodness.  But, you know, we can’t really see or touch those things.  That doesn’t mean they’re not real; it just means the Kingdom of God is a different kind of kingdom.

It’s not something we see or touch; it’s something we feel in our heart and in our mind.  And so, if you ever wonder where the Kingdom of God, just remember to be a good friend, love God and love your neighbors.  And there, in a life of peace and friendship with others, you’ll begin to experience the Kingdom of God—right here on earth.

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