Thursday, September 1, 2016

Homily for 2 Sep 2016

2 Sep 2016

When the Lord inspires us to move in a certain direction in life, we’re always left with a question.  And the question is: Do we somehow incorporate what God has into our existing life, or is God asking us to let go of something to make room for what he has in store?  And that’s a hard decision to make sometimes.

For instance, God might be putting it in your heart to spend more time in prayer.  The question is: Do you need to cut some things out of your day so you can pray more, or is God asking you to just bring a more prayerful “attitude” to whatever you’re doing throughout the day? 

Or, another example: Maybe God is inspiring the Church to move in a particular direction, but we’d rather not go.  Maybe we think it’s becoming too “progressive” here, or too “traditional” there.  Well, God leaves us to figure that out; no so much the question of “progressive vs traditional,” but the question: Are we going to trust that God is, ultimately, in control? 

Can we incorporate real trust in God into our existing life, or is there no room in our hearts for that?  And, if there isn’t enough room in our heart to trust God, is God saying: Maybe we need to let something go, like stubbornness, or self-righteousness, or something else.

Every day we get up and life happens.  It happens around us, and it happens to us.  And God is somewhere in of it.  The question, though, is always: Should I let go of something so God can do his thing, or should I hold onto something so God can do his thing?  There’s no single answer.  But if we trust in the Lord and do our best, life will turn out alright.  We have God’s assurance of that.  

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