Thursday, September 15, 2016

Homily for 16 Sept 2016

16 Sept 2016

We describe it in a few ways—phrases like: “turning over a new leaf;” “starting again with a clean slate;” “getting a fresh start.”  They’re all ways we describe going from perhaps a bad time in life toward better times.  And that’s what the Resurrection is—moving out of death and into life; getting through the hard times and coming out the other end with a new look on life.

So, obviously we don’t have to wait until we die to experience resurrected life.  Even now, today, the Lord invites us to follow him, to get on a better track in life; to evaluate our lives and see where perhaps we’re still living in “darkness,” and to make some changes for the better.  Every time we “turn over a new leaf,” or “get a fresh start,” we leave behind whatever is dark, and we move toward what is light, toward what is glorious.

And so, today, and every day, the resurrection begins.  Because today, and every day, we have the chance to “turn over yet another new leaf.” Every day we have the chance to “get a fresh start in yet another area of life.” Every day we have a chance to ask Jesus to forgive us and to “start again with a clean slate.” 

Resurrected life isn’t just for the future, it’s for today—especially today. Every day the promise of resurrection is given to us.  We only have to “turn over a new leaf” now and then to see that promise come true; to see the glory of God revealed in our own resurrected living.  

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