Monday, September 12, 2016

Homily for 13 Sept 2016

13 Sept 2016

God could’ve made us humans to be anything; and he just about did that.  But one thing he did not make us to be is well-rounded.  There’s nobody who’s good at everything.  And that serves to highlight Saint Paul’s point today: There are many parts of the one Body of Christ.

One thing I look forward to with our new parish picture directory is being able to see in one place the “many parts of the one Body” here at Saint Clare.  Everybody has their own gifts and talents.  Everybody has their own weaknesses.  However many people there are in the Church, there are at least that many parts to the one Body of Christ.  And every part is essential to the good of the whole.

Today, we hear the story of Jesus bringing the dead man back to life.  And we might think, “Wouldn’t that be great to be able to do that?”  But, then again, none of us is the Son of God.  Only he can do what he does.  But that’s not a reason to be sad; it’s a reason to be glad, knowing that every weakness of ours is somebody else’s strength . . . and that somebody else’s weakness may be our strength.  And, that, wherever humanity as a whole fails, Jesus will pick up the slack.

It’s a wonderful thing God did by not making us well-rounded, because it makes us realize that each and every person has some gift of God which is given to be shared.  Every part—every person—is essential to the good of the whole.  No one is dispensable. 

And that’s the “good news,” the gospel news today—none of us is dispensable.  Each of us must be here, and we’re here for some good purpose . . . a purpose which no one else can fulfill.  We are loved, yes.  But we are also needed.  What a wonderful thing it is to find out you are needed.

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