Saturday, August 8, 2015

Homily for 8 Aug 2015

8 Aug 2015

The message from this past Sunday still lingers: God lays before us the “bread of life.”  Every day he gives us all of creation, his teachings, divine wisdom; he gives us his promises that he’ll always be with us.  He gives us those great commandments to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves.  He even gives us—and this is something we don’t always remember—he gives us, he invites us to share in, his divinity.

On this memorial of St Dominic, the patron saint of preachers, we recall that the word that we preach to others and the word that is preached to us is this: With God all things are possible—so go through life as a companion of God.  How important it is to go through life with God by our side; or more importantly, with us by God’s side—because from God alone comes the bread of life.  From God alone comes everything we need to live.

By ourselves, we can’t achieve the depths and the heights of life that we desire.  But if we hang on to God, we can.  If we can say to God, “I love you, Lord, my strength,” then the Lord can be our strength.  If we have real faith in him and open our spirits to receive his Holy Spirit, then he can give us the “bread of life;” he can give us everything we need in life.

But it begins with faith.  It begins with hearing and believing deeply that God alone is God.  And with us by his side for life, nothing will be impossible.  God gives us the “bread of life;” everything we could possibly need in life.  All we have to do is open our hands, say “Amen” to him, and receive him and his divine blessings into our hearts and into our lives.

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