Thursday, August 6, 2015

Homily for 7 Aug 2015

7 Aug 2015

The Lord will “repay each of us according to our conduct,” according to the way we live life.  Of course, he knows each of us a sinner.  But he also knows about all those times when we try to correct our mistakes, when we try to get back on the right track again.  He knows about all those times we laughed at ourselves, shook our heads and said, “God, help me.”

He knows about it all.  But to us who really try to be faithful to him, who keep coming back to him again and again to say, “Lord, I screwed up,” or “Lord, I need your help,” or simply, “Lord, I love you and I want to know you better,” to us he shows his mercy and kindness.  The most perfect way for us to conduct our lives is to be a “faithful sinner."

The saints are the saints not because they weren’t sinners, but because they were faithful even in spite of their failings and shortcomings.  And that’s the way of life we aspire to follow—the way of the “faithful sinner.”  And then, after a lifetime of being faithful to him, we’ll hear him say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.  Come and share your Master’s joy!” 

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