Friday, June 15, 2018

Homily for 15 June 2018

15 June 2018

God is the Creator, but he’s also the re-Creator.  He creates.  But what he creates isn’t like a big wind-up toy, where God turns the crank and then lets it go.  Instead, he creates…and then keeps reshaping and reforming what he’s creating.  Creation is a continual process.  This is what Scripture reminds us of today.

The prophets of old led to Elijah, and Elijah was soon to be replaced with Elisha and new prophets.  Even something as sacred as the Ten Commandments God tinkered with when Jesus gave a new interpretation of those laws.  Creation is a continual process.  We see it out in the fields, in the barn, in the family, and within ourselves.

For instance, when it comes to prayer, the types of prayer that worked for me five years ago just don’t “work” anymore.  I’ve grown in faith, and so the prayers change, too.  But that’s how it is with any relationship.  The way each of us relates to God changes—not because God changes, but because we do, and because our life stories change and are re-created.

God is the Creator, but he’s also the re-Creator.  And so, when life changes and new challenges come, God might just be tinkering with his creation…making it stronger, making it into his kingdom. 

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