Thursday, June 14, 2018

Homily for 14 June 2018

14 June 2018

God has done many good things—that’s the gist of the psalm today: God has done many good things.  He’s “visited the land and watered it,” and has “crowned the year with his bounty;”  “the untilled meadows overflow with it.”  God has done many good things; these things and much more—magnificent things.

But, at the same time, it’s easy to overlook them because we’ve grown accustomed to them.  It’s easy to forget.  You know, one of the joys of childhood is that every day is a new adventure, every plant, every insect, every stone laying along the railroad tracks is something to be marveled at.  Not too much is taken for granted.

Here at the start of our day, it’s good to be like children: with eyes wide open, ready to take in all that God has prepared for us.  God has done many good things.  Let’s be sure to “stop and smell the roses” and give thanks.

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