Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Homily for 5 Oct 2017

5 Oct 2017
(School Mass)

When I was little, we were always told: “Don’t talk to strangers.”  And that’s right—we want to be careful about talking to strangers.  It’s a good rule to remember.

But what about all those people we do know?  Like your classmates and friends, or even some people you recognize from coming to church, even if you don’t know their name?  Well, of course, those people we can talk to.  And not only that, we should even try to be a friend.

Now, here at St. Clare we have a “no-bully” rule, right?  We don’t let anybody treat others badly.  And that’s because Jesus gave us a rule about that, didn’t he?  He said, “Love your neighbors as yourself.”  And we can’t do that if we’re calling other people names, or fighting with them, or just not being nice to them. 

But part of loving our neighbors is also welcoming them.  In the gospel today, Jesus talks about the importance of what we call “hospitality.”  You know, if you have a friend sleep over, you probably try to make them feel welcome, right?  Well that’s “hospitality.”

So we have a “no-bully” rule here at school, but we also have another rule from Jesus that’s just as important.  He says, “Welcome others and treat them well.”  Welcome others and treat them well.  And that’s because we’re not strangers; we’re brothers and sisters in Christ.

Don’t be a bully, and welcome others and treat them well.  Those are two very good rules to remember.        

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