Thursday, August 3, 2017

Homily for 3 Aug 2017

3 Aug 2017

The Dwelling of God was a tent, in ancient times. And the Ark of the Covenant inside the tent was meant to be carried from place to place.  And that’s because God’s people were on the move.  And they were on the move not because they were restless, but because God himself was on the move.

We see that in the gospels, too, especially Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  God is moving; Jesus is moving; he’s going from place to place along a journey.  And those crowds of disciples just follow wherever Jesus goes.  If he stays put for a while, then they stay put.  If he gets up and moves to another place, they go with him.

And that’s what the faithful do: they follow God.  For us, of course, God has come to us in the Holy Spirit, and his dwelling place is the Church.  When the Church moves itself along the journey toward final reunion with God, the faithful go with her.  Sometimes the Church and her leaders stay put for a while, so the faithful can rest.  Other times, the Church moves so the faithful don’t get too settled.

The gospel, the “good news,” today is that God dwells among his people; he’s always lived among his people.  Our God wants us to be near him, and he wants to be near us.  But sometimes God moves and challenges his faithful people to go with him.  And sometimes he stays put for a while so they can rest.  Regardless of what God is doing, can we move with him?

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