Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Homily for 2 Aug 2017

2 Aug 2017

The Kingdom of heaven has a price.  But it isn’t the money involved in buying “the pearl of great price,” or “the treasure buried in a field.”  The cost is what happens first: a person “sells all that he has.”  The Kingdom of heaven has a price, and the price is letting go of what we thought was important; it’s about reprioritizing our priorities.

Importantly, however, this shouldn’t be an occasion for sadness.  That person who finds the buried treasure sells everything “out of joy.”  The Kingdom of heaven is something that should give us excitement; it should make us want to hand over everything to get it. 

The Kingdom of heaven has a price, and it’s a price we should be more than happy to pay.  But if we find ourselves unwilling to the pay the price—unwilling to reprioritize our priorities—then either we haven’t uncovered the Kingdom of heaven yet, or we’re simply unwilling to let go. 

God wants us to be happy with him, not miserable.  So whenever we’re ready to pay the price for the Kingdom of heaven, he’s there ready to give it to us—but not until we truly, joyfully want it.

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