Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Homily for 7 June 2017

7 June 2017

There’s quite a bit of tension in the stories of Tobit and Sarah.  And it looks like they’re both at their wit’s end.  So they turn to God in prayer, and God gives them a little nudge in a better direction.

I suppose we could imagine a little toddler who’s learning how to walk—and how to get into everything.  Of course, mom or dad is somewhere nearby.  And when the little toddler is about to get into something they just kind of turn the kid in another direction.  They don’t stop the kid from exploring, but they nudge when they need to.  And that’s a reflection of how God works.

God didn’t pick Tobit and Sarah up out of their situations.  Instead, he brought other people and new dynamics into their lives to get them onto a better path.  And then, in the gospel, when Jesus is speaking with the Sadducees, he interjects the truth.  He says, “You are greatly misled.”  He’s trying to nudge them along a different way.

God is certainly almighty, but he so often he exercises his might by nudging, by suggesting, by opening doors to other paths.  We just have to aware enough to see it, and humble enough to just go with it.

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