Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Homily for 6 June 2017

6 June 2017

Being a sinner isn’t a problem with the Lord.  Being a lier—not a problem.  Being arrogant or vain—not a problem.  Having an addiction—not a problem.  The Lord can work with all that, as long as we can admit to ourselves that we do those things, and struggle with our sinfulness.  Being a sinner isn’t a problem for the Lord.

In fact, the Lord loves sinners.  He loves the honest, humble sinner.  He loves hypocrites, too; except that they’re usually a harder nut to crack—because they don’t know that they’re sinners.  And so the Lord gets a little tougher on them.

He has to say things like, “Hey, you’re being a jerk.  I love you, but you’re being a jerk right now.  Knock it off.”  And that’s always an enjoyable thing to hear the Lord say to us.  It isn’t fun to be a hypocrite, to say that we’re a good and holy Catholic, and then to go do or say something that proves just the contrary.

It would be much better—and much more fruitful and relaxing—to just be honest and say, “I’m a good person, loved by the Lord—but, boy, do I make mistakes sometimes.”  And when we’re honest like that, the Lord loves us all the more.  The Lord loves and embraces the honest sinner. 

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