Thursday, May 11, 2017

Homily for 11 May 2017

11 May 2017
(School Mass)

If you ever look at a piece of fabric, you see it’s not just one solid piece.  It’s made up of lots of individual threads.  And, together, they make that piece of fabric.  Well, that’s kind of like our Catholic faith.  Each one of us is like an individual thread.  And, together, we make up the community of the faithful.

And that’s an important thing to remember, because it’s one of the big reasons why we have faith in the first place.  If someone were to say, “Why do you believe in Jesus?” you could easily say, “I believe in Jesus because my ancestors did.”  Or you could say, “I believe in Jesus because of all the things God did for my ancestors.”  And that would be a good answer.  In fact, it’s the same answer that St. Paul gave at Antioch in Pisidia.

He stood up in the synagogue and he gave a short history of God’s people, and how God was working in their lives throughout the centuries, and then finally how Jesus fit into that history.  Basically, St. Paul was saying, “I believe in Jesus because of all the things God did for our ancestors.”  And we can say the same.

We’re each like an individual thread in a big, big piece of fabric.  And so, “Why do I believe in Jesus?  Well, just look at this beautiful fabric God has woven together throughout time.  It’s a fabric made up of the lives of the saints, the Apostles, the prophets and martyrs; and the lives of everyday faithful people, even today.  God works throughout all of history.  Just look!  That’s why I believe.” 

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