Friday, March 31, 2017

Homily for 31 Mar 2017

31 Mar 2017

It’s a risky thing to say what needs to be said.  But sometimes you just have to do it.  And that’s the situation Jesus was in, there in Judea. 

The tension was getting pretty thick—not so much between Jesus and the people, but between differing views of the truth.  The Jewish leaders thought they knew the truth about Jesus and God.  The people had mixed understandings of who Jesus was.  And then there was Jesus who is Truth.  And so it was bound to happen (and Jesus knew it) that there would be a major conflict.    

And we can relate to that.  We each have a conscience; we know what is basically right and good.  And it trips our conscience—it bothers us—when we see that basic rightness and goodness being trampled on.  Our souls bristle a little bit when we see injustice, when we’re talking with somebody who’s just a little too arrogant, or proud, or condescending or judgmental of others. 

Now, when Jesus couldn’t take it anymore, as we heard, he “cried out.”  The truth had to be spoken.  It couldn’t be held back.  Jesus took the risk, and we know how his adversaries reacted.  And it’s the same risk we take whenever we feel the need to speak the truth, and to restore goodness and right.  Of course, the risk is that we’ll be crucified for it—maybe not literally, but certainly in other ways.    

It’s a risky thing to say what needs to be said.  But sometimes you have to do it, knowing full well that you could be crucified for doing it.

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