Thursday, March 23, 2017

Homily for 23 Mar 2017

23 Mar 2017

(School Mass)

In the gospel we hear Jesus talking about the devil.  And, you know, the devil hates a lot of things.  He doesn’t like it when we come to church.  He doesn’t like it when we forgive others.  He doesn’t like it when we’re friends with each other.  And the reason why he hates all that is because of what Jesus was getting at.

Jesus was trying to say that when we stick together, we’re stronger.  But when we separate and become divided, that’s when we’re weaker.  And the devil can’t hurt us as much if we stick together.  About 600 years before Jesus was born, there was a little story written by a Greek man called Aesop.  And the story goes like this:

“A man had several children who were always fighting and arguing with one another.  And no matter hard he tried, he could not get them to live together in harmony.  And so, he told them to get a bundle of sticks and tie them together.  He invited each one to break that bundle of sticks across their knee.  They all tried it.  But none could do it.

“Then the man untied the bundle and handed them the sticks one by one, and then they had no trouble at all in breaking them.  ‘There, my children,’ said he, ‘united you will be strong against those who would harm you.  But if you quarrel and separate, your weakness will make it very easy for your enemy to attack you.’”

The devil hates it when we’re tied together as brothers and sisters in Christ, because our friendship in Christ is what makes us strong.  So let’s be sure to always do our best to love God and to love our neighbors.  The peace of Christ is what makes us strong—together. 

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