Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Homily for 1 Feb 2017

1 Feb 2017

So you’re watching TV, but your favorite show keeps getting interrupted by commercials.  It sounds like a good time to go to the kitchen and see what’s in the refrigerator, or maybe you just take the remote and see what else is on.  And Jesus got a similar response in his day.  For some people, Jesus was like a commercial, and whenever he came around they just sort of tuned him out.

Even today, we might do that on occasion.  We might feel him saying, “Come, spend some time with me in prayer.”  Of course, extra time for prayer is pretty hard to come by.  Or maybe he’s trying to tell us something through our conscience, but we’re not in the mood for some deep self-reflection just then.  On occasion, we tune Jesus out.

But, you know, the thing about commercials is that they’re always going to be there—you can count on it.  And the good news is that Jesus is always going to be there—we can count on that.  He’ll keep knocking on the door of our hearts—quietly, forever—until we stop “changing the channels” to see what else is on, and actually sit and consider what he’s trying to sell us.

Of course, what he’s offering is himself.  He’s offering eternal friendship.  He’s offering healing and wisdom.  He’s offering happiness and satisfaction.  All at the low, low price of us saying “yes” to him.  Like so many commercials, Jesus is going to keep interrupting life.  Let’s just remember every now and then to stop and see what Jesus is trying to give us.  It might be just what we were looking for.   

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