Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Homily for 18 Aug 2016

18 Aug 2016

“The king came in to meet the [wedding] guests.”  But this wasn’t just a handshake and a friendly hello; it was something more profound than that.  The king came in to “behold” his guests; that’s what the ancient Greek tells us.  He came in to “behold” his guests, to gaze upon them, to enjoy the sight of them, to contemplate their beauty.

They weren’t like all the other people who ignored or rejected the invitation; no, these guests accepted the invitation, and gladly went to the wedding feast.  Their pure hearts—their willing, docile, peaceful, self-giving hearts—were the wedding garment they wore.  That’s the “beauty” the king came in to “behold.”  And it’s what our God desires to behold in us.

But that “beauty” isn’t necessarily moral perfection, or intellectual skill, or human achievement.  It’s the beauty of a human heart that honestly and gladly desires to share life with God.  It’s the beauty of a bride (the Church) deeply in love with the groom (the Lord).  That’s what our God desires to behold in us—the beauty of a soul in love with him. 

Of course, we understand that.  I mean, love and affection is a two-way deal; whether it’s marriage or friendship.  It’s hard to love someone who doesn’t love you; it’s hard to respect someone who doesn’t respect you.  And so, we see where God is coming from.  He desires to behold in us the beauty of a soul in love with him.  And what he’s looking for is that “pure heart” in each of us which has simply and happily accepted the invitation to “Come, be with him, and enjoy life with him.”

That peaceful and willing acceptance is the wedding garment we try to put on.  As we come to this wedding “supper of the Lamb,” what garment do you have on?  Is it the garment of a willing and happy heart . . . or something else?    

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