Thursday, May 19, 2016

Homily for 20 May 2016

20 May 2016

The Psalm is right: “The Lord is kind and merciful.”  In those times in life when our “yes” didn’t really mean “yes,” and our “no” didn’t really mean “no,” the Lord was kind and merciful. 

For example, how many times have we sworn to stop gossiping; we said “no” to gossip—only to find ourselves chatting away not an hour later.  Or how many times have we said “yes” to being a more faithful disciple—only to find ourselves lukewarm in our faith by sunset.  Sometimes our “yes” doesn’t mean “yes,” and our “no” doesn’t mean “no.”  Not to worry, though: The Lord is kind and merciful.  He knows we’re wounded by sin, and he makes allowances for that.

In his kindness, he allows for the fact that our “yes” isn’t always a fully informed “yes.”  He knows that our “no” isn’t always a mature “no.”  He knows that sometimes we agree to certain paths in life, trying to follow stars which delight us, but which soon fail.  Sometimes we say “yes” to ideas and visions and goals which don’t exactly lead us to God.  We try, but sometimes we just miss the mark.  And the Lord knows that.

In his kindness and mercy, he knows we’re trying.  And he delights to see us keep trying to live life “as it was in the beginning;” when God and humanity were one, and there was peace and harmony on earth.  God delights in that.

As important as it is that we acknowledge our sins and our mistakes, it’s even more important to remember: The Lord is kind and merciful.  That’s “good news” for us sinners.  It’s one thing we can say “yes” to with certainty: The Lord is kind and merciful—as he was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever.        

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