Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Homily for 10 May 2016

10 May 2016

We hear in the Psalm: “A bountiful rain you showered down, O God, upon your inheritance.”  And God has.  He showered down the life and ministry of Saint Paul on us.  He poured out for us the life and ministry of Jesus.  God’s goodness and grace overflow through the Twelve Apostles and their teachings, and literally countless disciples through the ages.

The “bountiful rain” of God comes to us through the lives of the Saints, through the wisdom and poetry of spiritual writers, through the mysteries and wonders of creation that reveal the mind of God to us.  Of course, there’s also the Church, her prayers and liturgy, her Tradition, and her ever-fresh heart attuned to the working of the Holy Spirit.

The “bountiful rain” of God is poured out on us through Our Blessed Mother, through goodness and truth and beauty; through our neighbors, our friends and family, our teachers and mentors; through our desires for happiness and fulfillment.  The “bountiful rain” of God’s grace drenches the whole world, not unlike the Great Flood; to overcome what is evil and to restore and build up what is good.

You know, if a houseplant is starting to wilt, we give it a good dousing of rain, sunlight and food.  And it perks up again.  And if our souls are starting to get a little worn by the world, it’s time to give ourselves a good dousing of God’s grace, light, and love.

God’s showers down a bountiful rain of blessings for us.  And he says, “Come on outside and play in the rain!”  And so, let’s do that.  Let’s step outside of whatever wears us down and dries us up.  Let’s go and find refreshment in God’s bountiful rainfall.   

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