Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Homily for 7 Apr 2016

7 Apr 2016

Someone—a modern day Doubting Thomas—asked me: “Why do you believe?  Why do you believe in God...and in Christianity?”  And the two of us went on to have a long conversation about that.  Really, it’s a question our increasingly secular world is asking of all of us: “Why do you believe?” 

And there are, actually, many reasons for our faith (beyond the essential virtue of faith given to us by God).  For instance, philosophy and human reason help us to believe.  The sciences help us, too, as does literature and art, and anything that opens us up to the more mystical and mythical aspects of life.  There are many reasons why we believe.  And among them are the Acts of the Apostles.

Twelve men were called by Christ, right there at the start of it all, not only to follow him, but to live life in a certain way.  They lived and died with absolute confidence in Christ the Son of God.  And the impact of their witness to real faith echoes and reverberates through every generation of Christian.  We don’t only have faith in Jesus.  We also have faith in the faith of the Apostles.

We hear the Apostles speak with conviction; we see what they endured for love of God; we feel the bond of faith among them, and we say: “I want to be a part of that.  I want to share in the faith they have.”  Why do we believe?  Well, among many reasons, we believe because the Apostles believed.  And they were unshakeable in their faith—that’s what is so appealing; that’s what inspires us and others: to see faith lived out with commitment and devotion.

As people around us wrestle with questions of faith, may we be for them what the Apostles are to us: a devoted and inspiring witness to real faith.

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