Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Homily for 20 Apr 2016

20 Apr 2016

Saint John writes that: “Jesus cried out and said” (John 12:44) these things—but it’s not clear to whom.  His words are kind of like those explosions we see in science fiction movies: they just fly out into open space and keep going and going.  And whoever has ears to hear them will be affected by what Jesus says.

Maybe that’s how “the word of God continued to spread and grow” (Acts 12:24).  The apostles, prophets, and teachers just kept proclaiming Jesus—and proclaiming Jesus, and proclaiming Jesus—as the answer and the fulfillment of their questions about life, faith, worship, and so on.  And, as we know, Jesus “did not come to condemn the world but to save the world.”  And that message of salvation has never stopped echoing through the ages. 

So, there’s something like a double-explosion here sent out into the world.  There’s Jesus’ crying out that, indeed, God has come among us, and the door to human fulfillment is opened to us.  And there’s also the message of God’s mercy; the message of a “perpetual second-chance” for those who believe in Jesus Christ.

And what does God ask of us, but that we keep the proclamation of Christ rippling through our own time, and that we let ourselves simply be in awe of the great mysteries of our faith . . . mysteries opened up for us by the explosive Word of God.

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