Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Homily for 6 Apr 2017

6 Apr 2017

(School Mass)

There once was a little child who was nine years old; actually, she was nine years, eleven months and twenty nine days old.  She was about to turn ten years old, and she could hardly sleep the night before the party.  There was going to be cake and decorations and friends and lots and lots of presents.  She was especially hoping to get a particular toy she really, really wanted.

So the next day the party happened.  There were lots of people there.  The cake was all eaten up before they finished singing Happy Birthday.  They played games and then, finally, she was able to open all her presents.  She torn into each one, hoping to see that special toy she wanted.  It wasn’t in the first package.  It wasn’t in the second package.

At long last, she opened the last package—and the toy wasn’t in there either.  While all her friends and family were having a wonderful time, she just sat there—without the toy she was hoping to get.

It’s too bad she was so focused on getting that one toy, not only because she didn’t get the toy, but because she missed the party.  I mean, she was there, but she didn’t even enjoy herself.  She couldn’t even see all the gifts around her: the ones that came in packages, of course, but also the food, her friends, and lots of people saying Happy Birthday to her.

She couldn’t enjoy the party because she was expecting one thing and got something else.  And that’s what happened with “the Jews.”  They were expecting the Messiah to be a certain kind of person, and all they got was Jesus.  And they were very disappointed, to say the least.  They were expecting one thing and all they got was Jesus—it’s too bad they couldn’t see the gift of God staring them in the face.

It’s good to have expectations, but God works in surprising ways.  And so, with God, we have to expect the unexpected.  And, I suppose, that’s a lesson from Scripture today: With God we have to expect the unexpected . . . so be sure to keep your eyes and your minds and hearts . . . open!

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