Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Homily for 28 June 2016

28 June 2016

The prophet Amos asks: “Do two [people] walk together unless they have agreed?”  Can two people be companions and friends if they haven’t each said yes to it?  And the answer is: Probably not.  In other words, there needs to be some sort of covenant between them.  Without that, it’s easy for someone to just walk away—especially when “the going gets rough.”

And that’s what we see there in the boat on the stormy sea.  Jesus got into the boat, and his disciples “followed him.”  And I think we can see the boat as a metaphor for the covenant; they’re “in it together.”  Now, Jesus was asleep in the boat; he was totally at peace with the commitment he’d made to his disciples.  “No storm could shake his inmost calm.”

But the disciples were all frantic because the boat—the covenant with Jesus—was being tested.  Of course, our own boat—our own faith in Jesus—is shaken sometimes.  And, usually, it’s not anything that God has done.  It’s usually something that’s happened around us, or in the world.  Life can be like the stormy sea.  Life tests us to see if we’ve really agreed to walk with the Lord. 

And the “test” isn’t to see how smooth we can make our life.  Really, the “test” is to see what (and who) our rock is when life gets rough.  When life throws a curve-ball, it’s good to pay attention to what we do.  Do we jump ship and try to find a replacement for Jesus?  Or do we stay in the boat and let Jesus take care of the curve-ball.?

Two people can’t walk together unless they’ve each said “yes” to the friendship.  And we can’t weather the storms of life unless we’ve said “yes” to the Lord’s friendship.  We know he says “yes” to us; we see that every time he offers us his Body and Blood.  And we know we’ve said “yes” to him.  But will our “yes” remain strong and true?  Will we have faith when the storms of life come passing by?   

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