Monday, October 26, 2015

Homily for 26 Oct 2015

26 Oct 2015

If there’s one thing Jesus does not like it’s hypocrisy.  We hear him again and again in Scripture calling people out (the Pharisees, in particular) for being hypocrites.  But, he’s not calling them out for being sinners—he’s calling them out for being hypocrites.  And they aren’t the same.

We’re all sinners.  From time to time we all go against the ideas of faith, hope and, especially, love—love of God and love of neighbor.  We’re all sinners.  But a hypocrite is someone who more quickly points out the sins of others, rather than his or her own sins.  A hypocrite is self-righteous and looks down on others.  In many ways, a hypocrite replaces God in his or her heart—insofar as God is the one who is all-seeing, all-knowing, and truly righteous and good.

A hypocrite makes an idol out of him or herself.  And so, it’s easy to see why Jesus absolutely does not like hypocrisy.  But, you know, he loves the sinner—especially sinners who admit with honesty and even joy that they need God in their lives.  Hypocrites cut God out of their hearts by their own pride.  But sinners open their hearts to God by simply saying, “Lord, I have sinned.  Forgive me."

What a blessed thing it is to be a sinner, a humble and honest sinner.  What a blessed thing it is to have a heart open to God—because that one Jesus can love.

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